Foot Perfect Hood Supplement – 2kg

High specification hoof supplement for horses, a nutritional approach to hoof care.

Do you want to make a stand by accepting nothing but the best when it comes to supporting the quality, strength and growth rate of your horse’s hooves?

We have all heard the saying ‘no hoof no horse’ which emphasises the importance of caring for our horse’s hooves.

Much can be done nutritionally to ensure that the horse can grow good quality hoof horn, resistant to repeated shoeing and work on hard surfaces.

Foot Perfect Hoof Supplement is an advanced ingredient for hoof integrity, combining the latest research with traditional methods. It is carefully balanced in a granular mixture, and is aimed at supporting strong hooves that grow at the optimum rate, reducing the tendency for cracking and splitting so that shoes may be retained for longer.

Contains 20mg of Biotin per dose which studies have shown is a beneficial level for improving the growth of strong, healthy hooves. This is combined with specific technical nutrients such as MSM, and chelated zinc for hoof integrity, with seaweed, rosehips and omega oils for fast results.

Recommended by farriers.

Key benefits of Foot Perfect Hoof Supplement:

  • Contains an optimum dose of the most essential nutrient, Biotin, important for building quality hoof wall.
  • MSM a natural source of bio-available sulphur for keratin production, supporting hoof strength and quality.
  • Chelated zinc targets hoof tissue exactly where it is needed to support hoof condition, flexibility and strength.
  • Seaweed and rosehips provide a natural source of nutrients, traditionally used to support hoof quality.
  • A specific combination of targeted nutrients work in synergy with biotin to support overall hoof strength and growth rate. Much more effective than feeding biotin alone.


    All classes of equine, including youngstock and broodmares.


    For horses under stress, lacking condition or with poor hoof quality the loading rate should be fed until an improvement is seen. If feeding as a general supplement, choose the maintenance rate.  Mix with a damp feed, gradually building up to the required rate over seven days.


    • Horses: 3 scoops
    • Ponies: 2 scoops


    This product is BETA NOPS approved.


    soya oil, biotin, zinc, garlic oil, essential oils